The Holidays and Life Insurance

The daily grind of life can sometimes mask the reality that our family members love us and depend on us. The holidays provide a brief respite from the daily grind, and thus an unmasking of our familial bond. When the holidays reaffirm that family members depend on us, this sometimes spurs people to buy life insurance. There is nothing wrong with emotion influencing the purchase of life insurance. Some people would put off buying life insurance indefinitely without an emotional push. Many agents stop looking for business during the holiday season (Thanksgiving through Christmas). However, this shouldn’t discourage you. We have Houston life insurance agents that make themselves available all year long.

Can I Have Too Much Life Insurance?

I often say that no amount of Houston life insurance is too much because it never goes to waste. However, there is an exception to the rule that I’ll discuss.

Many people buy life insurance when a doctor or funeral reminds them of their own mortality. People sometimes spend more than they can afford when the decision to buy is spurred by emotion. If you think emotion is influencing your decision, take a step back and ask yourself, “What amount of money can I comfortably afford to spend on life insurance?” The key word here is “comfortably.” Buying more life insurance than you can comfortably afford doesn’t help anyone, as the policy will soon cancel from nonpayment.

The Advantages of a Local Life Insurance Agent

The advantages of using a local Houston life insurance agent become more apparent after a policy is purchased. Local agents have an easier time coming back if they make a mistake on their paperwork that requires your signature. Local agents are also more inclined to hand deliver policies. An agent that is not local will always let the insurance company mail the policy directly to the client. When agents hand deliver policies it creates a valuable education for the client because the agent can go through and explain each page of the contract. Hand delivering a policy also creates an opportunity for agents to discuss other insurance needs that were not explored on the first visit.