The Problem with Online Insurance Quotes

Nearly everyone who fills out a form to get an online insurance quote instantly regrets their decision. Online insurance quotes are a never ending stick and carrot game for consumers. The first step in the process involves consumers sacrificing all of their personal contact information for the privilege of a quote. Sometimes that information is sent to a lead vendor that shares it with 4 or more insurance agencies. The 4 or more insurance agencies immediately tear into the lead like rabid dogs, blasting the consumer with phone calls. The consumer, meanwhile, sees an unknown phone number and proceeds to ignore what appears to be an unwanted call, all the while annoyed with the constant ringing. The other extreme is also possible, where an agent is very delayed in responding or doesn’t respond at all to the quote request. Why should consumers tolerate this silly game? There has to be a better way.

Fortunately I have a solution. You can get instant life insurance quotes to fund a cremation or burial. No strings attached. No personal contact information required. No waiting for an agent to get back with you. Nobody will be blasting your phone or spamming your email. If you like the quote and you feel the need to move further along in the sales process, you can always go to our contact us page to request an appointment.

Author: ctopping

Licensed life insurance agent serving Houston and surrounding cities for over 8 years.

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