Should I Buy Life Insurance Over The Phone or In Person?

Buying life insurance over the phone has become more prevalent in recent years. There are pros and cons to buying over the phone. One obvious disadvantage of phone sales is the lack of nonverbal communication. Its debatable how much you can trust someone without any nonverbal cues. Another disadvantage to phone sales is the lack of options. There are options with phone sales, but there are more options meeting an agent in person. Many life insurance companies are accepting phone sales, but many still insist on doing business in person. You could be missing out on a better deal if you do business over the phone. The advantage of buying over the phone is the convenience. Who wants to clean house and act hospitable for a stranger selling insurance? You might even have to offer the agent something to drink. With in-person sales you have to carve out a date and time on your calendar for an agent that might not be punctual. I personally believe the convenience of phone sales is overrated. Buying life insurance is a lifelong commitment. You might want to look at the person that’s sticking you with a lifelong commitment. I also believe in-person sales create a more robust dialogue and better information for the client.

Author: ctopping

Licensed life insurance agent serving Houston and surrounding cities for over 8 years.

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